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What is WordPress Hosting?

A WordPress hosting service is what enables you to create and maintain your own website. WordPress is the most popular content management system in use today, used to power over 60 million websites. The simplest way to think about a WordPress host is as the server that stores all of your files, messages and information on the internet. There are several different types of hosting services available for use with WordPress, but shared web hosting is generally the most affordable option for small businesses or individuals who want control over their own website.

Building your website on the WordPress platform is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start your new blog or online business. The most important question is: do you need WordPress hosting if you have a WordPress website? It’s not necessary because, in theory, any hosting service offers the tools you need to run your website. But choosing the best hosting plan for your website can help ensure it works well, stays secure, and delivers the best possible user experience. 

WordPress is an open source (it is open source because it consists of elements created and shared by users) content management system that enables the creation and development of websites. WordPress allows you to build any website you can imagine, from basic blog pages to e-commerce, business, or portfolio websites.

Should We Use WordPress Hosting for Sites Using the WordPress CMS?  

WordPress Hosting is a pre-configured hosting service for hosting WordPress-powered websites. WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), powering more than 31 percent of all websites globally. Compared to a WordPress installation on a regular Linux server, WordPress hosting is frequently used to make WordPress installations simpler, more secure, and faster.

Websites built on the WordPress platform have certain features that can cause functionality issues if not properly optimized. It means certain items may not load properly, the loading time may increase, or the website may become completely inaccessible. When such a situation occurs, visitors will inevitably leave your site. This issue will cost you less traffic and potential sales.

Fast Panda’s WordPress Hosting is a great way to get a site up and running quickly and efficiently. Our WordPress Hosting has all of the features needed to run a professional website, so you don’t have to look into buying your own domain name or other solutions.

What Are the Advantages of WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting services offer dedicated services and support for WordPress websites. Apart from this, there are many advantages it provides to users. The most important of these advantages are as follows:

  • Web technologies can be pre-configured for quick setup on your website.
  • All accounts on the server receive the same support.
  • It is possible to configure servers to defend against WordPress-specific threats.
  • All websites on the server receive simultaneous cumulative updates and security patches.
  • Customer service representatives are trained to provide software support. So if you have a question about why your plugin isn’t working or why your text isn’t displaying correctly, they can most likely help fix any issues.
  • Most WordPress hosting plans come with easy-to-use website builders. It includes themes, plugins, and even SSL certificates.

Shared Web Hosting for WordPress

You can host your WordPress website on shared hosting if your budget is limited. As in other shared hosting environments, when you choose this service, resources like disc space and bandwidth are shared across all accounts hosted on the server. As a result of this issue, your site may perform poorly and take longer to load.

Technical Support for Shared WordPress Hosting

While shared hosting comes with general customer technical support and affordable budgets, this type of hosting plan cannot meet the needs of larger or more complex websites.

Sites hosted in a shared environment share server space with sites built on other platforms. Therefore, it is expected that the technical support for the server can serve not only WordPress but also sites built on any platform. This versatile expertise results in a noticeable drop in technical assistance quality.

From a budget point of view, it makes sense to choose a shared hosting plan, as there are many websites hosted on each shared server. But because the price of the service is low, a large number of clients must be placed in each virtual server space for hosts to make a profit. However, the need to serve so many customers weakens a support team and hurts the quality of their work.

A dedicated WordPress support team is integrated with Fast Panda’s WordPress web hosting packages. You can simply pick your plan here

Security and Performance for Shared WordPress Hosting

The lack of private space in a shared hosting environment creates challenges in terms of both security and performance.

It is difficult to effectively secure websites hosted on the same server. An infection is much more likely to affect other members in a shared environment.

Performance issues are the same way. When one or more websites on a shared server start using more resources due to traffic spikes, WordPress users on the same server are also affected. It is the responsibility of the support team to fix all the affected websites. It can take a while for performance to improve because there is so much to fix.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting has a bit of an advantage over shared WordPress hosting in terms of technical support and security. It provides superior operating speed and performance with more resources than each customer can use.

Technical Support for Managed WordPress Hosting

The help you receive with managed hosting is far more comprehensive and straightforward than the general support included with shared hosting. Therefore, managed hosting can help you with a variety of topics than you can get with a shared package. Also, since a managed master server will have far fewer clients than a shared server, the technical team will have more time to assist you.

Speed ​​and Performance for Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting provides significant upgrades over shared WordPress hosting in both speed and performance. In managed WordPress hosting, resources are not only allocated to each customer, but a technical team is also accessible to monitor performance and resolve any issues that may occur.

Also, since the support team members are qualified specialists, they usually fix all operational errors much more efficiently than the average person, maximizing uptime and overall WordPress website performance.

Security for Managed WordPress Hosting

Site and server security is much more stringent under the oversight of managed WordPress hosting than most users can provide on their own. Protective tools are optimized for the specific needs of WordPress.

What is the Difference Between WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting?

If you have spent any time researching WordPress, you’ve likely come across hosting and hosting services. If you’re new to the game and don’t understand why it matters, this article is for you. Here we will go over what WordPress hosting is and how it compares to web hosting.

1. Web Hosting

Web hosting is a type of shared hosting in which many websites share space on a single physical server. In this kind of environment, there are potentially thousands of different websites, all running on various platforms. While Fast Panda’s web hosting services include WordPress site builders and applications, we also provide several additional site builders and services for all related issues.

2. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting, like other types of web hosting, often uses a shared server environment. Plans come in a variety of levels and pricing.

The difference from web hosting services is that your website will only share a server with other WordPress installations. Fast Panda’s WordPress service and support are tailored to specific features, while solutions are developed to maximize your WordPress performance.

What Should You Consider When Buying Web Hosting Service?

Whether you use a WordPress hosting service or a general web hosting service, there are some features in hosting services that you cannot ignore. These are absolute must-haves from any hosting service:

1. Guaranteed Uptime

Nothing is more important than knowing your website will always be up and running. When it comes to business, any interruption can mean a waste of money. So look for a hosting company that offers uptimes of 99.95% or more.

2. Scalability

Your website will grow along with your business. Select a hosting provider that will expand with you and offer more capacity as your demands grow.

3. Security

If you store sensitive consumer data on your website, such as address, phone number, or credit card information, protecting the security and safety of your data is essential. Therefore, search for a web hosting company that offers basic protective measures like firewall, malware, and spam protection.

4. Excellent Customer Support

Look for a hosting company that offers multiple support options, such as phone support or live chat. So you can contact them 24/7 if there is any problem with your service.

Choosing the right hosting solution will help you save time and money, while ensuring that your site is optimized to run quickly. By choosing Fast Panda WordPress host, you get a smooth experience out of the box: our platform comes pre-installed with an array of security and performance tools that make it easy to manage your web presence.