Getting a domain is a big deal when building your brand online. Whether you’re starting a new business, creating a personal blog, or getting into e-commerce, picking the perfect domain name can feel like a lot. But don’t worry! In this article crafted by Fast Panda professionals, ‘How to Buy a Domain? 5 Easy Steps to Registering Your Ideal Domain Name,’ we’ll walk you through the process of buying a domain and give you some helpful tips to make it easier.

1: Choose a Domain Name

If you’re still brainstorming a name for your brand, it’s a smart move to integrate the domain name selection process with your brand naming efforts. Your domain name and brand are like partners; they work better together and are easier to remember if they’re similar.

If your company already has a name, your first choice for a domain is probably But if you want to make your domain stand out, you have a few options:

  • Add something to the end: You can include a word that describes your main product, location, or something relevant.
  • Start with an action: Begin your domain with a verb that shows what your product or service does.
  • Try a different ending: Most people use .com, but you can also use endings like .tr, .us, or .eu, or newer ones like .shop or .store.

2: Choose a Trusted Web Hosting Service

A domain registrar is a company that registers domain names for you. When you buy a domain name from a registrar or through a web hosting service, they handle the registration process with DNS.

There are many accredited registrars to choose from, but it’s crucial to pick a reliable one. Fast Panda allows you to register your dream domain name quickly and at the best price.

What characteristics should you look for in a web hosting company?

When choosing a domain name company, it’s not just about the price. Here are some essential points to think about:

  • How easy is it to connect my domain to my website?
  • Will my personal information be protected? When you register a domain, your contact details are made public. Privacy protection hides this information. offers free privacy protection, while others may charge for it.
  • What types of domain endings do I need? The ending of your domain, like .com, .net, or .org, is important. Make sure your provider offers the endings you want, such as .tr for Turkey or .eu for Europe.
  • Do I need any extra services? Fast Panda offers many additional services like hosting, and website building tools.

3: Check Domain Availability with a Domain Search Tool

To see if your desired domain name is available, you can use a domain search tool, which takes only a few seconds. Almost every registrar and hosting service provides this tool for free. You can check domain availability using Fast Panda’s “Domain Inquiry” tool. If your desired domain name is available, you can go ahead and buy it!

Keep in mind that domain names are unique. If a domain name is taken with one provider, you can’t use it. However, Fast Panda tools suggest similar available domains if your first choice is unavailable.

If someone else has already taken your desired domain name, they might offer to broker the domain name. It means that someone else owns the domain name, but the registrar can contact the owner on your behalf to negotiate its sale to you.

Although it might be tempting to get your ideal domain name, it’s necessary to understand the risks of brokering.

Even if the current owner is open to selling, you’ll have to pay brokerage fees as well as registration costs. Negotiations can also take time, possibly delaying your website’s launch. Plus, any offer from the current owner will likely be more expensive than buying an existing domain name.

4: Select the Appropriate Domain Extension

When it comes to purchasing a domain name for your website, it is essential to understand the different domain extensions. The most common domain extensions are .com, .net and .org.

.Com extension is the most popular and widely recognized extension. It is suitable for all types of businesses and organizations.

Internet service providers and technology-related businesses often use the .Net extension.

The .org extension is often associated with non-profit organizations.

How to choose the right extension for your website?

Choosing the right domain extension for your website depends on the nature of your business or organization. If you are a commercial organization, it is recommended to choose the .com extension as it is the most recognized and trusted extension by users.

If you’re a non-profit organization, choosing the .org extension can effectively communicate your mission and purpose. Alternatively, for technology-focused businesses or individuals, the .net extension might be more appropriate.

In addition to these popular extensions, there are country-specific extensions such as .us for the United States or .uk for the United Kingdom. These can be useful if your target audience is located in a particular country.

At this point, it is essential that you remember to choose a domain name that is relevant, easy to remember, and effectively represents your brand.

5: Buy the Domain and Verify Ownership

Once you’ve settled on a hosting service provider and a suitable domain name, it’s time to make the purchase. Upon completion, your provider will reserve and officially register the domain in your name.

Buying a domain with Fast Panda:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your desired domain name into the Domain Search tool.
  3. Fast Panda will inform you if your desired domain name is available for purchase.
  4. If available, choose the duration (in years) you want to secure the domain and click the “Add to Cart” button.
  5. Proceed to payment. Now, you are all set!

Explore our insightful article, “Choosing the Right Domain Extension: A Guide to Selecting the Best Option for Your Website,” and make informed decisions.