Reseller hosting involves the process of storing website contents on web servers, also known as internet servers. It stands as one of the hosting service options alongside shared hosting, co-location hosting, and dedicated hosting. In essence, a reseller, characterized by buying and selling, remarketing, and acting as an intermediary, utilizes storage space and bandwidth to provide hosting services. Reseller hosting goes beyond typical hosting by enabling individuals to host numerous websites or engage in hosting marketing. In this setup, individuals can host multiple websites or conduct hosting-related transactions using the allocated storage space and bandwidth. Essentially, reseller hosting allows you to function like a hosting company, extending hosting services to your customers. You can open multiple hosting accounts within a specified limit through your customer panel, providing flexibility and autonomy in offering hosting services.

What Sets Reseller Hosting Apart from Web Hosting?

Web hosting typically allows you to add a maximum of 1 domain to your service. However, with reseller hosting from, you have the flexibility to add multiple domains and establish a dedicated hosting account for each one. In the Unlimited Performance Plus package, a feature offered by for regular web hosting, there’s the option to host an unlimited number of sites, a perk not universally available among hosting providers. While regular web hosting permits adding more than one domain using the addon feature, caution is needed to avoid CPU overflow and resource usage errors. Moreover, hosting multiple domains in the same directory poses a risk, as any virus problem could impact all your domains. In contrast, reseller hosting provides a safer environment. Each domain operates independently with its hosting account, preventing them from affecting one another. This feature ensures a higher level of security for your online presence. Start your own small enterprise and dive into the world of hosting marketing with reseller hosting. Fast Panda offers reseller hosting packages that provide all the necessary technical features and security measures for your hosting needs.

Additionally, if you prefer, you can utilize a custom DNS configuration. Notably, Fast Panda reseller hosting service and servers are entirely unbranded (white label). It means your hosting sales customers won’t be comparing prices, giving you the freedom to execute your marketing strategies without constraints. Build your brand identity with a personalized logo and banner of your own. Take it a step further with reseller hosting by offering end-users a dedicated control panel to manage their hosting packages. For a closer look at Fast Panda’s speedy, secure, and cost-effective reseller hosting packages, click here. All packages come with the added benefit of unlimited domains. Explore now and find answers to any questions you may have.

Who Should Prefer Reseller Hosting Package?

If you lack technical expertise and equipment, consider getting a reseller hosting package from Fast Panda. Fast Panda offers hosting services along with extra features such as domain names, databases, emails, SSL certificates, and web design, providing a complete solution for your needs. So, who exactly is the reseller hosting package suitable for?

  • Entrepreneurs and small-scale web hosting startups can make cost-effective decisions by opting for a reseller hosting package, enabling them to earn money with minimal investment.
  • Individuals managing multiple domain names and websites can efficiently meet their hosting requirements. Instead of purchasing separate hosting services for each domain, a reseller hosting package provides an all-in-one solution.
  • Website designers can enhance both their reputation and income by extending their services to include hosting. It allows them to offer a complete package to their clients, including websites and hosting.
  • Software developers working on web applications or websites can effortlessly host their files during various development stages. Additionally, they can consider selling hosting services alongside the web-based software and applications they develop, further expanding their business opportunities.

What are the Advantages of Reseller Hosting Service?

Fast Panda reseller hosting service offers a multitude of advantages over traditional web hosting packages:

Cost-Effective Solution

It stands out as the most budget-friendly option for those aiming to host multiple websites, eliminating the expenses related to management, hardware, and licensing.

User-Friendly Interface

Managing your reseller hosting account becomes a breeze with web-based platforms like WHM panel, Direct Admin, cPanel, or Plesk panel. You have the flexibility to handle various operations, including defining customer domain names, managing access permissions, overseeing NS management, handling bandwidth and FTP information, and making changes at your convenience.

Package Upgrades

You are free to upgrade your reseller hosting package anytime to align with your business plan and expand your hosted area. Unlimited Features: In reseller hosting packages exclusive, you can take full advantage of unlimited features such as private site traffic, databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, and subdomains.

Ready-Made Scripts

Provides customers with a variety of ready-made scripts, including WordPress, Opencart, and Laravel, allowing for easy one-click installations for those who purchase a reseller hosting package.

Hands-On Experience

Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish their own web hosting company can acquire valuable knowledge and experience in hosting sales and marketing by investing in a reseller hosting package.Discover the reseller hosting packages supported by a robust disk structure on the cloud platform, all powered by the LiteSpeed Web server for enhanced security. With 24/7 product support, a free SSL certificate, and the oversight of our technical team, you can trust for your hosting needs. Click here to review the reseller hosting packages.