In this guide, we’ll walk through the process of configuring your ProMail® email address using the IMAP protocol in the Outlook 2019/Office 365 application on Windows operating systems.

Steps for ProMail Outlook 2019 IMAP Setup:

  1. Open the Outlook 2019 application. If it’s your first time opening the application after installation, you’ll see the email address entry screen. Enter the desired email address and follow these steps: Advanced options > I want to set up my account myself > Connect.
  2. If you’re already on the Outlook home page, navigate to File > Information > Add Account.
  3. Choose IMAP on the advanced setup screen.
  4. On the IMAP Account Settings screen, fill in the information from the Customer Panel > My Hosting > Corporate email Hosting > Manage > email Configuration page. Once completed, click the Next button.
  5. Enter the password for the configured IMAP email address and click Connect.
  6. If the password and IMAP account settings are accurate, the installation is complete. Confirm by saying “done,” and you can start sending and receiving emails.

Troubleshooting Outlook 2019 IMAP Setup:

  • If incorrect information is entered, a “A problem has occurred” warning will appear. Verify the IMAP Account Settings using the Change Account Settings option.
  • If confident in the accuracy of the IMAP Account Settings, repeat the installation steps. If the “There was a problem” screen reappears, check the DNS records for SmarterMail. Go to Customer Panel > My Hosting > Corporate email Hosting > Manage > Promail DNS Information page. If there are crosses in the MX and SPF records, check the DNS table of the domain name. If records are added, wait for global DNS reflection before repeating the installation steps.
  • If there are no DNS issues and it prompts for a password despite entering it during installation, update the password through the Edit field on Customer Panel > My Hostings > Corporate email Hosting > Manage > My Mail Accounts page. After updating, enter the password in Outlook 2019 and complete the installation by clicking OK.