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Steps to transfer your domain

Get your EPP code Get your EPP code Get the EPP code from the current domain provider
Search domain Search domain Search for the domain name in the above search box
Enter the EPP code Enter the EPP code Now enter the EPP code to authorize the domain transfer
Pay and enjoy Pay and enjoy Pay the transfer fee and then enjoy the benefits of having Fast Panda domain

Price of Domain Names

Fast Panda ensures to provide our customers with the most affordable pricing for the domain name you want
Extension Type Register Renew Transfer
.com Popular
£10.99 £10.99
.net Popular
£11.99 £11.99
.org Popular
£15.11 £11.99
£11.99 £11.99
.biz Popular
£16.99 £16.99
.site Popular
£157.57 £27.99
£29.99 £29.99
.store Popular
£307.27 £39.99
£49.99 £49.99
.blog Popular
£99.94 £19.99
£22.99 £22.99
.cafe Generic
£93.21 £27.99
£29.99 £29.99
.email Generic
£54.01 £18.99
£21.99 £21.99
.city Generic
£17.99 £17.99
.coffee Popular
£46.28 £27.99
£29.99 £29.99
.website Popular
£95.56 £20.99
£24.99 £24.99
.info Popular
£68.58 £16.99
£19.99 £19.99
.me Popular
£33.52 £14.99
£16.99 £16.99
.co.uk Country
£6.99 £0.99
£6.99 £6.99
.xyz Popular
£74.65 £12.99
£14.99 £14.99

Why transfer your domain?

Affordable Pricing

Fast Panda comes with the most affordable domain transfer services with easy management controls

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Professional and hands-on. Our team of experts will solve technical issues to get your websites up and running. Anytime.

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To ensure successful domain transfer

To ensure successful domain transfer

Please ensure the domain you want to transfer to the Fast Panda for high-quality domain services and support, is eligible to be transferred. Your domain must be at least 60 days old as per ICANN policies.

Please make sure you have the authorization code of the domain you intend to transfer. This code is available in management panel of your domain name provider

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Frequently Asked Questions

To transfer a domain to Fast Panda, follow these steps:
- Obtain your EPP code from your current domain provider.
- Search for your domain on Fast Panda's website.
- Enter the EPP code to authorize the transfer.
- Complete the order and start domain transfer
Fast Panda's Fast Transfer service is available for specific TLDs: .COM, .NET, .BIZ, .ORG, .PW, .CO, .INFO. Other TLDs may not transfer or require a different process.
The domain transfer process may take up to 6 days, depending on the current registrar and domain settings. Fast Panda notifies you by email when the transfer is complete.
An EPP code, or auth code, is a unique identifier assigned to each domain for security. It proves ownership and authorizes domain transfers.
Retrieve the authorization code from your current provider's control panel or customer service. Methods may vary, so check your provider's website or contact them.
Advantages of transferring to Fast Panda include:
- Affordable pricing with free services.
- Fast and reliable hosting with UK-based data centers.
- 24/7/365 chat support for technical assistance.
No, transferring a domain to Fast Panda incurs a transfer fee, including domain renewal. Check Fast Panda's website for transfer pricing.
Yes, a domain transfer may temporarily impact ranking due to changes in domain metrics. Minimize the impact by maintaining URL structure, updating sitemap, redirecting with 301, and notifying Google.
If using a third-party host, no. If hosting with the current provider, it may be affected. Transfer after moving hosting to a third party or Fast Panda.
Possible limitations:
- Domain must be at least 60 days old and not on hold.
- Valid admin contact email required.
- The domain must be unlocked with an EPP code.
- Supported TLDs for Fast Transfer service.
Cost varies by TLD and renewal duration. Check Fast Panda's website for transfer pricing. Examples of popular TLDs are provided.